Saturday, February 2, 2013

Interview With Doc Nadis by Jimmy Olsen

--Why, Dr. Nadis, have you begun to blog?
--When my parents were gunned down in Crime Alley, several decades ago, I vowed—
--Hold on. Crime Alley? That’s from Batman, a registered trademark of Detective Comics.
--O.K. Can I go on? I have a Ph.D.
--Exactly. Ph. And D. I’m relying on what is known as poetic license.
--Wouldn’t that be more of a license to philosophize?
--There you go. Like OO7. So I’m philosophizing.
--My father was a research scientist, exposed to deadly radiation from a gamma bomb he was testing. Turned him green. We didn’t see much of him after that. Except in men's Big and Large clothing stores.
--The Mighty Hulk?
--So, I see here a pathetic effort to claim some connection to superpowers.
--Let’s face it. Historians run in packs, roaming the past and howling. Decent citizens take cover when they hear their cries. I have hotcakes to dispense.
--So this blog is strictly a commercial platform?
--Well, I’m not selling action figures. Thoughts, sonny boy jim, thoughts.
--That’s better. Thoughts. And why the name, “Cabinet of Curiosities?”
--That’s what they called them.
--Them. The team of mutant misfits carried by time waves to the European centers of learning when Michelangelo and his crew were tagging Rome and Florence. Apparently wealthy gents interested in learning had these cabinets—
--Like a t.v. cabinet? A medicine cabinet?
--More like a room. A library. Full of wonders. Ostrich eggs. Stuffed crocodiles hanging from the ceiling. Odd minerals sliced open that showed scenes of people dancing. Chunks of magnetite. Butterflies. Stamp collections. Merit badges.  A run of Weird Tales. The complete 78 rpm recording of Jabbo Smith and Eddie Lang.
--A cool place to hang out.
--Exactly. Crank up the Victrola. Experience wonder. It was a faculty located somewhere between mind and heart, that stimulated the intellect. Not mere sensation. Not just stunts.
--Only really good stunts?
-- Do you have some tag words so browsers on the Interwebs can find you?
-- History of science. Science Fiction. Wonder. Oddities. Weird science. The occult. Paranormal. Mesmerism. Buy my books.
--We wish you luck in your blogging.
--Thanks, Jimmy. And you should do something about that electric bow-tie.


  1. Yay! You started. A very "curious" first post. Congratulations.